Mattress allergies: prevention is better than cure on both latex and memory

It’s the fault of spring that every year makes life difficult for allergy sufferers, who can’t enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons of the year between antihistamines and handkerchiefs and often associate their problems with mattress allergies.

Many users have noticed that they are looking for information about mattresses in terms of allergies and any problems they might have since the mattress is the product (after clothing) that is closest to our body for longer.

Sometimes, however, even small tricks can be enough to reduce the symptoms of allergy, which most of the time is not only caused by seasonal pollens and blooms but also and above all by dust mites, which do not concentrate only on a particular time of the year but, if we are not careful and demanding (in terms of quality of the mattress), they can keep us company for many periods of the year, not just in summer.

How to remedy the problem of mite allergy?

For those with allergies, it is very important to pay particular attention to the care of the bedroom, a place where you spend a lot of time. In addition to the classic advice to keep the room clean and airy, the use of hypoallergenic and anti-mite mattresses is recommended, such as quality memory mattresses. It is essential that the mattresses and pillows used are padded with hypoallergenic fiber on both sides and are covered with breathable fabrics, free of animal or vegetable materials such as wool, feathers or cotton.

Another important trick is to keep the animals as far as possible from the mattress and the bedroom. In fact, in the case in which dogs or cats are possessed, these must be kept away from the beds, at least in the periods in which the allergy is felt more, because the mites and the pollen stick to the hairs of our puppies and in this so they are transported around the house. Finally, it is necessary to remove the mattress weekly and wash the cover in hot water over 90 °, this is because the mites die only at high temperatures.

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