Are spring mattresses more back-friendly than others?

The fact that the mattress is too hard or too soft does not necessarily have to do with its age, but rather with its quality and the coordination of the lying characteristics on the body of the one who sleeps night after night. Because the degree of hardness of a mattress plays a central role in relation to body weight, spring mattresses, in particular, are distinguished by their back-friendly lying properties.

The special feature of a high-quality spring mattress is its point-elastic property, yielding under the body weight – but only if the degree of hardness is right. About the number of springs and the wire size of the springs used, the spring core can be adjusted individually to the body weight and body shape. Here, the zoning of the spring core plays an important role, which provides stronger support, for example in the lower back. High-quality mattresses are available in Box spring Welt, in up to four different degrees of hardness, which are ideally adapted to different body shapes and weight classes.

But about the degree of hardness cannot prevent back pain. The fine tuning takes place, even with a spring mattress, over the padding, which may consist of visco foam, cold foam or natural materials such as horsehair and sheep’s wool.

Learning to lie properly: How to get your spine into the right position

But what is the real factor that can lead to back pain in certain mattresses? The secret is the position of the spine. This follows in a relaxed attitude of a double-S curve and should also take a natural position while lying down. But if the mattress is too hard or too soft, the spine is pushed into an unnatural posture. Visit our website and read more about buy a bed for stomach sleepersĀ  .


The mattress should therefore be chosen so that the heavier parts of the body, z. B. the pelvis and shoulders can sink, but the neck and the lower back are supported. Especially side sleepers are prone to back pain and should pay attention that the shoulders and pelvis can sink into the mattress, but the lower back is worn. And even abdominal sleepers can develop back pain with the wrong mattress: If the mattress is too soft, the stomach pulls the back into the hollow back.